"Loisô, l'oiseau", side project after Singapore.

"Loisô is facing a hard decision making when a job he just started abroad doesn't go as expected."

This story is inspired by a true event. This is my story. I flew to Singapore with a new contract. Unfortunately at work, things got very toxic and I took the hard decision to quit, for many reasons. 
When a situation affects your life, what's the limit you can handle? And when to decide to say stop and take care of yourself?
This story is about personal decision making.

I'm working on the storyboard when I have time. Super quick, I'm not looking for good render here, but more efficiency to get a feel of the short, and to see the arc of the story drawn together.

There will be happy time here and there!

...and also some sad moment at some point.

Here's a bit of animation I started :

Anim' coming soon...