"Klaus", Animated feature film by SPA Studio.

Klaus! Everybody knows the teaser from few years ago.

I'm exploring different version of few scene of the movie, whose some are important key-scene. The acting is very subtle and the visual storytelling has to be perfect. All to be done in short schedule as always! A great chance to work with Sergio Pablos.

Here one of my favorite scene, the turning point of the story when the main character realizes something... No spoiler of course. It's a montage showing emotion evolution with only visual storytelling. Sergio were very demanding about this particular scene, and it took more than a take to get it right! 

Enjoy the password protected SCENE HERE (give it time to load, thanks!).

On this scene, I had to explore a bit of drama between characters. 

Enjoy the password protected SCENE HERE too (give it time to load, thanks!).

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