DUCK-BILL! Short animation scene.

Here it is, I finally start the animation of my personal project, DUCK-BILL... 
After about 3 years of thinking, searching, doing others things, going back to the project, gived it up, restarted it and so on... I just shut my brain up and .. Go!! Let's animate my friend, DUCK-BILL! And it's works good! I loOoOoOove animate him! And moreover I animate him traditionally, so easier than some puppet or other complicated things like that (for me in any case). It's a pleasure to make him move, run, stops, hide... And this has motivated the storyline, the concept and the storyboard. Everything become clearer and clearer. So it could be a short film, or it could be a pilote for a future serie. 
So, that's perfect! 

Just enjoy a short scene of drawings... moving.

Because that's what it is...

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